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SignalSoft Corporation

SignalSoft, the developer of the Wireless Location Services software suite, was a worldwide leader in software applications for both commercial and emergency (E911) location-based services. Location information allows consumers to receive information and content via their mobile phone based on their current location and provided mobile operators the ability to offer revenue-generating and safety services. SignalSoft's services included:

  • Wireless Location Services was a portfolio of location services, including Location Manager, a location gateway, and Location Studio, SignalSoft's privacy and authentication middleware.
  • SignalSoft also offered applications such as the FriendFinder solution, which enabled users to see the location of their friends, families and co-workers quickly and easily.
  • SignalSoft's IN Location application allowed subscribers to use their mobile phones to find businesses or services, such as nearby ATMs, restaurants, theaters, express mail offices and more. was later renamed IN Location. In the case of diAx, it supported their Ski Service which provided, location dependent weather reporting on the ski slopes.
  • SignalSoft's SafetyFirst solution helped consumers who were calling emergency services on their mobile phone, by locating the mobile caller and routing the call to the closest public safety answering point, such as a fire or police station.

Openwave Systems Inc. acquired the SignalSoft Corporation on the 29. May 2002.

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